Who says discounts should only be for students?

Welcome to Yoffer: the home of premium discounts, vouchers, and competitions. For just £10 a month, you’ll get exclusive access to fantastic deals, savings, and coupons on your favourite brands on everything from fashion and fitness to technology and days out with friends. We provide incredible discounts on top brands such as PrettyLittleThing, MyProtein, Domino’s Pizza, Glossybox and Curry’s PC World.

How It Works

Each person who signs up to Yoffer pays £10 per month for access to the coupons and competitions. Each person will then get their own unique link which you can share with your friends for them to sign up and you will be rewarded for helping us grow: not only for the people you sign up, but for 3 tiers below you. Let us explain…

  • You


    You sign up to Yoffer and pay £10 per month.

  • 1st Circle

    Your Friends

    You share your reward link with your friend Emily. When Emily signs up and pays £10, you will get £1 of her payment every month. Emily will be on your 1st Circle.

  • 2nd Circle

    Friends of Friends

    Emily then shares her reward link and Sam signs up. You will also get £1 of Sam’s monthly fee and Sam will be on your 2nd Circle.

  • 3rd Circle

    Their Friends

    Sam then shares his reward link and Martin signs up. Again, you will get £1 of Martin’s monthly fee. Martin will be on your 3rd Circle, which is the final circle for your reward payments.

  • You will get £1 for each person in the 3 circles below you each month, for as long as they are paying customers of Yoffer

  • So, if you sign up 10 friends, they then each sign up 10 friends who in turn sign up 10 more friends each, you will earn £1,110 per month from simply signing up the initial 10 people.

  • If you sign up 30 friends, who then sign up 10 people each, who then again sign up 10 people each, you will earn £3,330 each month.

Calculate how much you can earn below

1st Circle

This is how many friends you sign up.

2nd Circle

This is how many people your friends each sign up.

3rd Circle

This is how many people their friends each sign up.


This will be your total earnings each month.

Let’s Get Started

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