Terms & Conditions

    Yoffer.co.uk, Yoffer Premium and Yoffer are trading names of Yoffer Limited.

    1. Refunds & cancellation
    You as the customer have the statutory 14-day cancellation guarantee, enabling you to cancel your purchase for a full refund of your purchase for any products purchased directly from Yoffer. Yoffer are not responsible for any purchases via external links to our partners. Refunds are not offered on personalised products. 

    2. Competitions
    If you have won one of our amazing competitions, well done! However, if you decide to ask for a refund for the deal that entered you into the competition, you will also be requested to send back your winnings as the refund will void this competition entry.

    3. Cancelling subscriptions
    Refunds are not available for any subscriptions for Yoffer premium, you as the customer should simply cancel your Yoffer premium subscription if you no longer wish to use the service.

    4. Products and services
    By purchasing a product or a service on our website, you are agreeing that you understand that you, the customer, are purchasing a product or a service for which, Yoffer Limited is the middle-man.

    5. Terms of offers
    Once the offer has been purchased, the contract is between the supplier and the customer. Any issues between the customer and the supplier must be worked out without the input of Yoffer Limited. Once the offer has been redeemed, it is no longer eligible for a refund by Yoffer Limited.

    You can only use each offer once per transaction with the supplier. For example, you cannot purchase multiple ‘£500 off a POD’, to get more than £500 off a POD.

    6. Liability
    Yoffer Limited are not liable for any issues between suppliers and customers. If you, the customer, believe that Yoffer Limited should be aware of an issue with one of our suppliers, then please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

    7. Defamation and loss of reputation by libellous content
    If any person is deemed to be defaming the character of Yoffer Limited, yoffer.co.uk, Yoffer Premium, their clients, their customers or anything related to Yoffer Limited; it will be at the director’s discretion as to whether legal action will be taken. If the decision is to take legal action, Yoffer Limited will use their experienced solicitors to handle the case.

    8. Threatening or abusive behaviour
    Yoffer have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threatening or abusive behaviour towards their staff and will end all discussions immediately upon receiving what we deem to be abusive or threatening behaviour. Yoffer will also decide internally whether to cancel a customer’s subscription on their behalf, if said user has been abusive to Yoffer employees.